Thomas Drainville
Program Supervisor

Thomas Drainville was introduced to Teen Challenge through a successful graduate who reached out to him and in 2013 Tom found himself at the doors of Teen Challenge Massachusetts.  He had no idea what laid ahead for him but he committed his life to Christ in 2014 and has never been the same.  After graduating, Tom was hired on as the head of vehicle maintenance at the Massachusetts campus.  As he took care of all the general repair and upkeep for the fleet of vehicles, he also engaged in discipling the residents of Massachusetts. Because of his desire to work closer with the men, in 2017 he became the Night Supervisor. He continues to be more like Christ each and every day as he pours out of the Spirit of God that flows through him.  In his free time, Tom enjoys cutting the residents’ hair, which gives him an opportunity to minister to them through action and words of encouragement. He also enjoys spending as much time as possible with his 12 year old twins, who are a big part of his life.

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