Caleb McKenney - Teen Challenge Massachusetts
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Caleb McKenney

caleb-mckenneyMy name is Caleb McKenney. I am nineteen years old and I’m from Clinton, Massachusetts.
I grew up in a good home. Both of my parents are Christians. They took me to church every week. I had a pretty good childhood. I started dealing with severe depression at the age of ten. The thing was, I was raised on religion not a personal relationship. When I began to feel the emptiness and despair I didn’t know I could turn to God for help. I started filling that void with drugs and alcohol. I started similar to many others. Smoking marijuana and drinking on the weekends. That quickly escalated. By the age of 16 I was a full blown IV heroin user. My life was a downward spiral after that. I began losing relationships with the people that I love. I couldn’t hold a job, I couldn’t even graduate high school due to being incarcerated. I was lost. I had tried everything; IOP’s, AA, NA, ADCARE, etc. Nothing seemed to fix the hole in my heart. I had no idea the thing I was missing was a relationship with Jesus. Ultimately, through Teen Challenge Brockton, this is what changed my life!

I am now a year and a half drug and alcohol free! My family has a new found hope and trust in me. God has been blessing me beyond my wildest dreams.

Jonah 2:6 says, “To the deepest depths of the mountains I sank down. The roots of the earth barred me in forever. But you Lord, brought my life up from the pit.” This couldn’t be truer than in my life. I am so grateful today. I am grateful the Lord deemed fit to rescue me; to save me.